Snow & Ice Management

If your business is in Upstate New York, then you know winter months bring Snow & Ice, which can have a direct negative impact to the bottom line of your business. At Create A Scape we offer a unique and comprehensive approach to taking the freeze out of winter. We start with a fleet of new trucks and commercial loaders equipped with state of the art radio dispatch and tracking systems. Our route managers monitor weather 24/7 and stay in constant contact with our trucks to ensure your business is being served as the snow is flying.

Going far beyond basic snow & ice removal Create A Scape understands that each business has unique requirements, so we offer custom snow and ice packages tailored to your needs. Unique to Create a Scape is our exclusive Create A Scape Zero ToleranceTM Snow & Ice management service where we will guarantee no snow in your parking lots or sidewalks and only wet surfaces to keep your business open regardless of what else is happening with the weather around you.

Don’t let the snow shut your business down and contact us today!

Features of our commercial snow & Ice:

  • 24/7 Weather Monitoring
  • State Of The Art Radio Dispatch & Tracking System
  • Snow Removal and Sidewalk Salting
  • Exclusive Zero Tolerance – No Snow or Ice
  • Full Salting of Parking Lots and Sidewalks
  • Custom Snow and Ice Packages

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