Lawn Mowing, Pruning, Mulch, and Cleanup



From Spring, to Summer and Fall, Create A Scape can take the burden of maintaining the beauty of your property off of your list of to-dos. We have you covered each spring with picking up debris and unwanted leaves, bed mulching and edging, and shrub and ornamental tree pruning. As summer approaches; for our residential customers we specialize in weeding, bed mulching and cleanup, as well as ornamental tree pruning. For our commercial customers, we also offer weekly lawn mowing. Let us customize the residential or commercial property maintenance solution that’s right for both you and your budget. If you need support in the Winter with Snow & Ice, we do that too!

We offer the following residential & commercial maintenance:

  • Residential and Commercial Shrub and Ornamental Tree Pruning
  • Residential and Commercial Bed Mulching, Weeding, and Edging
  • Commercial Lawn Mowing
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